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Operational Model Displays for the
North Atlantic and East Pacific Basins

Some models are currently not displaying.
We will fix them soon. Please visit one of the following links.

Tropical Tidbits (Levi Cowan, FSU)

Robert Hart's model output site (FSU)

WRF-EnKF forecasts (Fuqing Zhang, PSU)

This page presents operational model fields that are being used for research into forecast skill for extratropical transition (ET) of tropical cyclones and for tropical and subtropical cyclogenesis

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Model data last updated Mon Mar 19 09:59:50 UTC 2018.

Global Models

GFS ensemble invidivdual members

Regional Models (when available)

Link to PSU WRF model

GFS Most Recent Sea Level Pressure and 325 Kelvin Potential Vorticity

This map is an overlay of the most recent GFS maps of sea level pressure and mid-tropopshere potential vorticity. It is used to diagnose the depth and tilt of vorticies, including tropical cyclones and potential tropical cyclones.

Experimental HWRF Model

New for 2015

Experimental HWRF model


The ECMWF data are provided by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting.
The ECMWF graphics are provided by the Penn State E-Wall.

Atlantic Basin
00Z ECMWF      12Z ECMWF

Eastern Pacific Basin
00Z ECMWF      12Z ECMWF


The UKMET data are provided by the United Kingdom Meteorology Office.
The UKMET graphics are provided by the Penn State E-Wall.

Atlantic Basin
00Z UKMET      12Z UKMET

Eastern Pacific Basin
00Z UKMET      12Z UKMET

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Useful Links

Below are some useful links with regards to tropical cyclone forecasting.

  • The GFS, GFDL, HWRF, and NAVGEM data are provided via NCEP's anonymous ftp servers.
  • The CMC data are provided via CMC's anonymous ftp server.
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